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How does it work

By fusing together online virtual 3D workspaces with email, messenger, VoIP, video conferencing, media streaming and file sharing technologies to deliver its game-changing features.

Event organizers can easily create a web-based meeting for their team members, business partners, clients, and even follower groups, by simply choosing their preferred virtual venue, creating the meeting agenda, and setting the date and time. Invites are then automatically sent to attendees via email.

Once attendees have received their invite, they can quickly create their personalized avatar by simply uploading a photo or using their webcam, the AI-enabled algorithm handles the rest. Once this is complete, their avatar and profile information is stored for all future meetings. Come the time of the event, attendees join the session by following the access link in their email invite.

Event hosts can assign administrators to their accounts if they wish. Admins can book meetings, take notes and assign virtual assistants to manage agreed tasks. Once the session is concluded, all resources made available or shared by attendees, such as agendas, tasks, files and meeting transcripts are available to download or access later at any time from the meeting history panel in the users account.