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“First of all, we are satisfied with Nicole’s CS skill for responding to customers.

She is kindly serve our customers and is quick to learn our CS work.

I think there seems to be no problem in responding to customers even though her Korean is not perfect.

Thank you.”

Team Leader

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“Riza and the team are always eager to assist. The leads that have churned into appointments for the most part have been favorable. We are hoping for a few demos in the near future. I believe the team is running into the same issue we have with things slowly opening back up over the next few months. I believe it will jut take time but they are hitting the goal of 2-4 qualified leads per month. Great crew to work with!


David Burnette, MBA
VP of Operations

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“I am a general consultant and voter contact specialist for political campaigns and advocacy. I offer everything from help with logos to full-scale, on-site campaign management. Client projects and campaigns can last from less than a week to 18 months. I found Meridian Remote Teams after some searches on Google and LinkedIn. After working through a few options, I settled on Meridian because I realized they were the most scalable, reliable, accountable off-shore partner I had spoken with. Meridian is great to work with. Your CSR/Teammate speaks with you as much or as little as is necessary and can make adjustments to ongoing projects at a moment’s notice. There are many options to insource or outsource tasks but few for outright staff. My company has been able to take on long-term projects with greater ease. Meridian also can scale up or down quickly with little issue or stress. 

Patrick McDonald
Projects Manager

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Jen is such a superstar. Her snapshop does not do justice to all the amazing work she has done. She has been able to pick up and more importantly communicate our services very quickly

Amazing work Jen!

Marley JD Watkins
Chief Structuring Officer

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Goldie Fleming
President, EDDR Corporation

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CEO, Ubuntu Tribe