Cybersecurity is a concern for remote workers

Cybersecurity Best Practices For Remote Workers

Cybersecurity is a major concern for many businesses. The rise of remote work has created new challenges for workers and companies alike when it comes to the security of data.

Join MERIDIAN REMOTE TEAMS as we talk about cybersecurity and the best practices a remote worker can learn and use to remain safe and secure:

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs aren’t only for personal data privacy. They can also help keep valuable work data safe from hacks. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic,ensuring that any data sent to your company is secure. We recommend using a paid VPN service, rather than a free one. This ensures that your connectivity speeds and productivity do not suffer.

Use a Strong Antivirus Program and Firewall

While Windows has a decent antivirus program that is good enough for personal use , it doesn’t quite cut it for more comprehensive security. Install a strong antivirus program and do regular scans of your computer to make sure it is clear of any malware. Using a firewall is also a good idea, as it helps keep your internet traffic safe 

Practice Good Password Hygiene

One oft-overlooked aspect of cybersecurity is password hygiene. One reason for data breaches are weak or otherwise compromised passwords. Remote workers need to practice the tenets of good password hygiene. These include strong password creation, creating unique password for each account and application, keeping passwords private, and using password managers to keep passwords secure.

Use Multifactor Authentication

While a strong password can help mitigate risks, it does not completely remove them. Enabling multifactor authentication helps keep unwanted users from accessing your accounts. Multi-Factor Authentication provides that extra layer of protection that could make the difference between safety and a data breach.

Keep your Computer Updated

Many people see computer updates as an annoyance, but make no mistake: computer updates are necessary to keep your computer and data secure. Updates patch out system vulnerabilities and weaknesses, making it harder to steal data.

Keep your Home Network Secure

Most people leave their home routers on their default system passwords. Security experts recommend changing the router login credentials and changing your WiFi security to WPA2. They also recommend updating your router and changing your WiFi password.

Be Wary of Phishing Scams

Phishing emails have become a problem on a large scale. Thees emails attempt to gain information by impersonating trusted organizations. Phishing emails are a big problem, causing losses of over $4.45 Million in 2022 alone.

To identify a phishing email, check for spelling mistakes in the sender’s email address. Another tell-tale sign is poor grammar in the subject line and email content. Hover over links to see the URL before clicking on them, and only open attachments if you trust the sender completely. If you’re unsure, contact the supposed sender using a phone number or email address from an official and trusted source.

Limit the Use of Personal Devices and Computers for Work

If your workplace has a good IT team, they probably take care of things like updating software, scanning for viruses, and blocking dangerous websites without you even realizing it. However, it’s likely that you haven’t been following the same security practices on your personal computer as they do at work. Your company can probably afford fancy security measures that you can’t. As a result, your personal computer is generally less secure and more susceptible to being hacked.

To minimize risks, it’s best to avoid using your personal devices for work whenever possible. Additionally, be cautious about downloading any sensitive information onto your computer. There could be hidden malicious files lurking on your computer that you’re unaware of, and they could easily compromise any important files you have stored there.

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