Work from home parenting

Keeping Your Children Busy When You Work From Home

While remote work has proven a blessing for many families by letting parents spend more time with their children,it has also birthed new challenges as well, especially for parents with younger offspring. Keeping younger children occupied can be a challenge but with a few good ideas and a little preparation, it can be done, even while you work from home.

Age-appropriate toys and imaginative play:

Building Blocks: Encourage creativity with building blocks, LEGO sets, or other construction toys.

Dolls and Action Figures: Foster imaginative play with dolls, action figures, and playsets.

Puzzles: Choose puzzles that match your child’s age and skill level.

Board Games: Introduce age-appropriate board games for solo or cooperative play.

Arts and crafts:

Drawing and Coloring: Provide coloring books, sketch pads, and a variety of coloring materials.

Craft Kits: Invest in age-appropriate craft kits for making jewelry, painting, or other creative projects.

DIY Projects: Create simple DIY projects using household items, encouraging creativity.

Books, Audio books, and E-Books:

Reading Time: Set aside a specific time for reading, either with you or independently.

Audio Books: Find engaging audio books for your child to listen to while you work.

E-Books and Educational Apps: Explore interactive e-books and educational apps to make learning fun.

Exercise, Sports, and Physical Activities:

Outdoor Play: Set up a safe outdoor play area for activities like jumping, running, and playing sports.

Yoga for Kids: Incorporate simple yoga exercises for kids to promote physical activity and relaxation.

Dance Parties: Have spontaneous dance breaks to keep them active and energized.

Playing with pets:

Pet Interaction: If you have pets, involve your children in activities like feeding, grooming, or playing with them.

Pet-themed Games: Incorporate games or activities that involve pets, like creating a pet-related craft.

Maintaining a balance between remote work and parenting is an ongoing process, and it may require adjustments as  children grow and  work demands change. Open communication with  employers can  lead to potential accommodations or understanding while you work from home.

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