World Economic Forum Davos2024

World Economic Forum 2024: What To Expect From Davos This Year

January is the month of fresh starts. It  is also the time for the movers and shakers of industry,  politics, academia and similarly influential figures to converge on the Swiss town of Davos. January is the time for this year’s edition of the World Economic Forum.

So what can we expect from the World Economic Forum this 2024? Let’s take a look at some hot topics that may see discussion at Davos this year.

Mission: Rebuilding Trust

Experts have called 2023 a polycrisis year. Cross-border conflicts, a pervasive cost of living problem, energy and food security issues and climate change are continuing concerns.

This year, the World Economic Forum aims to restore trust and collective agency, and reinforce the fundamental principles of transparency, consistency and accountability among leaders.

The meetings’ goal is to help connect the dots in an increasingly complex environment and provide foresight by introducing the latest advances in science, industry and society.

Here are the areas that the forum will see a lot of discussion on:

World Security And Cooperation

Resolving security issues and crises while identifying areas of cooperation and ensuring mutually beneficial solutions for all parties.

Creating Jobs And Growth

Bringing together industry leaders,  government and civil society to build a new economic framework to avoid a decade of low growth and put people at the center of a more prosperous trajectory.

Artificial Intelligence

The impact of AI on technology, balancing innovation in AI with societal risk, and how to leverage the power and promise of AI to benefit all.

Climate, Nature And Energy

Developing a long-term systemic approach to achieve the objectives of a carbon-neutral and nature-positive world by 2050 while providing affordable, secure and inclusive access to energy, food and water for all.

Running from January 15 to January 19, the  World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit will bring together business leaders, government officials and academics as they explore the possibilities of public-private sector cooperation.